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a. Lumber Tag

Finished lumber tally tags can be printed on paper, Tyvek®, or rigid vinyl with human readable numbers and bar codes. Man-readable numbers are available from 1/8" up to 1 1/2" high. We will help you design your own size and configuration to meet your needs.

b. Log Tag

Barcoded log tags can be one, two, or three part tags with either Codabar or 3 of 9 bar coding. They are printed on rigid vinyl with a 1 mil. poly overlay for protection from the worst climatic conditions and can remain on a log in the water. These are used by most Alaskan timber companies and have been proven to withstand ice, snow, and water.

Three standard configurations are available with 3/4" man-readable numbers and 5/32" check numbers. Barcodes are 1/2" in height. We can print a wide variety of sizes and configurations if the standard ones don't meet your requirements.

c. Inventory Tag

Printed on a variety of paper and waterproof synthetic stocks with barcodes, large consecutive numbers, and a clear mylar, poly, or varnish over the printing.

d. Asset Label

Printed on white or silver pressure-sensitive polyester, typically with a 1 mil. clear poly overlay for added protection.

Pro Label

We specialize in the trucking industry with the most up-to-date informational systems in the printing of bar codes.

We address the specialized programming that enables you a means of having reliable information on movement of all shipments in the trucking industry.

We offer you, the decision-maker, a technical staff that can assistant you in the development of all your bar code needs.

Our Pro Label program is the talk of the trucking industry for the following reasons:

  • Personalized program development.
  • Wide variety of Pro Label books to meet your needs.
  • Custom Packaging of your product.
  • Just-in-time shipment.
  • Inventory of your pro label books at no charge.
  • Quality of produced products that is the highest in the industry.
  • We are located to meet your needs; printing facility in Neenah

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